About us

Emerged from a fresh and novelty idea, ARLOSTONE is established in Esfahan as Iran’s stone market hub.
As a valuable natural resource, natural stone is worthy of respect for us. Therefore, emphasizing its merit
to our employees is of paramount importance to our company policy.
To be entirely distinct from other natural stone sellers, this company decided to concentrate on the
introduction of new stones as well as the procurement of the most specific ones. Therefore, the customers
who are seeking distinctive Iranian stones surely can find them in the ARLOSTONE Exclusive Collection.

Since providing sufficient and true information for our customers is one of the basic principles of
ARLOSTONE Group, only the products will be introduced that there is a strong connection with their origin
quarries that are under precise supervision.

Such circumstances along with professional and expert members who personally care about selecting
and testing the materials lead to a safe and reliable supply based on each customer’s requirements.

Regarding a professional and well-experienced commercial team with valuable history and background
in international trading, ARLOSTONE easily guarantees the delivery of the orders to the customers in the lowest time and highest quality.