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    ArloStone is one of the most reputable stone suppliers in Iran. With access to a network of companies and some of the most reliable quarries in the country, we can bring virtually any product to its specifications with the highest level of quality control.

  • Exclusive Collection

    Blue Velvet

    Our customers are able to see the accurate color and size of stones and we ensure that what you see here is what you receive.

  • Exclusive Collection

    Golden Silk

    The stunning Golden Silk is a luxurious addition to any design project. This exquisite stone boasts golden lines that create a unique and uniform design, making it perfect for large-scale projects such as floors, bathrooms, stairs, and more.

    EXCLUSIVE Collection

    Blue Velvet and Golden Silk

    Originating from the heart of a desert in Southeast Iran and only 10 km away from an amazing area called “Martian Mountains”, there is the mysterious land of Crystal marble. Let’s have the adventure to see this exotic world of Crystal marble.

    Stone Blocks

    Stone Slabs