Blue Velvet Gold
Blue Velvet Gold stone, a natural stone that originates from Iran. This stunning natural stone is a must-have for architects and stone buyers looking to elevate their next project to the next level.
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Blue Velvet Gold

Featuring a rich, deep blue color with striking gold veining that creates an intricate and elegant pattern, Blue Velvet Gold stone adds a touch of luxury and class to any space. This stone is perfect for high-end projects such as luxury hotels, spas, and high-end residential properties. Its durability ensures it can withstand high-traffic areas like floors, countertops, and cladding. Additionally, it is resistant to water and staining, making it an excellent choice for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas.

At our company, we offer Blue Velvet Gold stone in multiple finishes like honed, polished, flamed, bush hammered and others to suit different design preferences. With its versatility in design, it can create a
modern, minimalist look or a more traditional, classic look. The natural
beauty and exclusivity of Blue Velvet Gold stone, make it a highly sought-after material among architects, designers and stone buyers.

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